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Georgia X Sam--ALL SOLD!

Buffy X Tide-- Beautiful blocky head, genetics & temperament to be proud of. ALL SOLD!

Candy X ELI Perfectas a family member and great hunter in the field. ALL SOLD!

Prissy X Sam-Intelligent,Driven & balanced with companionship qualities.ALL SOLD!

Mattie X Patch--ALL SOLD!

Terra X Eli--ALL SOLD!

Auburn X Eli- ALL SOLD!

Lady X Sage--ALL SOLD!

Stormie X Eli--ALL SOLD!

Cedar X Eli-- ALL SOLD!

Robin X Tide--ALL SOLD!

Bess X Timber- ALL SOLD!

Taffy X Sam- ALL SOLD!

Cricket X Sam--ALL SOLD!

Sally X Bear- ALL SOLD!

Sherry X Sam--ALL SOLD!

Lark X Bear-ALL SOLD!

Shade X Timber--ALL SOLD!

Bonnie X Sam--ALL SOLD !

"Caesar" 2 Year Old Blonde Male-SOLD

Glory X Sam--ALL SOLD!

Prissy X Sam--ALL SOLD!

Blue X Timber--ALL SOLD!

Auburn X Tide-ALL SOLD!

Mia X Sam- ALL SOLD!

Stormie X Eli--ALL SOLD

Genny X Sage--ALL SOLD!

Shiloh X Sam--ALL SOLD!

Max X Terra--ALL SOLD!


Sally(FR) X Bear)CH)-----ALL SOLD!

Lady X Patch--ALL SOLD!

Mattie X Jubilee--ALL SOLD!

Ginger X Tide--ALL SOLD!

Started Dogs --ALL SOLD

Bonnie X Sam--ALL SOLD!

Shade X Timber---ALL SOLD!

Candy X Patch-- ALL SOLD!

Cricket X Patch---ALL SOLD

Cedar X Jubilee---ALL SOLD

Taffy X Sam---- ALL SOLD!

Bess X Timber-----ALL SOLD!

Auburn X Tide---ALL SOLD

Genny X Sage------ALL SOLD

Mattie X Jubilee-----ALL SOLD

Prissy X Sam--------ALL SOLD

Cricket X Sam-----ALL SOLD


Char X Sam------ALL SOLD

Glory X Sam----ALL SOLD

Cedar X Jubilee----ALL SOLD

Taffy X Sam--ALL SOLD

Bonnie X Timber

Robin X Jubilee----ALL SOLD

Hollie X Sam----ALL SOLD

Auburn X Tide----ALL SOLD

Genny X Sage---ALL SOLD

Ginger X Tide------ALL SOLD

Shade X Timber---------ALL SOLD

Kate X Bracken-------ALL SOLD

Prissy X Sam-----ALL SOLD!

Glory X Sam-ALL SOLD!

Char X Sam--ALL SOLD

Sally X Champ-ALL SOLD!

Bella X Timber--ALL SOLD

Hollie X Sam---ALL SOLD

Candy X Tide--ALL SOLD

Shade X Timber--ALL SOLD

Robin X Jubilee--ALL SOLD

Auburn X Tide------------ALL SOLD

Genny X Champ-------------ALL SOLD

Sally X Champ------------ALL SOLD

Prissy X Sam--------------ALL SOLD

Honey X Sam_ALL SOLD!

Buffy X Sam--ALL SOLD

Robin X Tide- ALL SOLD!

Kate X Bracken-ALL SOLD!

Ginger X Tide---ALL SOLD

Shade X Timber---ALL SOLD!

Auburn X Tide---ALL SOLD

Hollie X Sam--- ALL SOLD

Char X Sam--- ALL SOLD

Covey X Bracken--- ALL SOLD

Ginger X Tide--- ALL SOLD

Rose X Sam---ALL SOLD

Reno X Timber---ALL SOLD

Shade X Tide---ALL SOLD

Sally X Champ---ALL SOLD

Honey X Sam---ALL SOLD

Robin X Tide---ALL SOLD

Darcy X Sam---ALL SOLD

Genny X Champ---ALL SOLD

Brook X Sam---ALL SOLD

Kate X Bracken---ALL SOLD


Auburn X Tide---ALL SOLD

Char X Sam---ALL SOLD

Reno X Timber---ALL SOLD

Darcy II X Sam---ALL SOLD

Queenie X Redford---ALL SOLD

Lady X Bracken---ALL SOLD

Rose X Sam---SOLD

PECAN - Started Dog--- SOLD

Sonny Gem--SOLD


Hollie X Champ---SOLD

Morgan X Sam---SOLD

Covey X Champ---SOLD

Darcy X Sam---SOLD

Ginger X Timber---SOLD

Sally X Champ--Sold

Megan & Luke--Sold

Desi X Sam---SOLD

Regal X Champ--Sold

Brook X Sam---SOLD

Penny X Sam---SOLD

Bailey X Sage----SOLD

Queenie X Tide---SOLD


Kate X Bracken---SOLD

Honey X Sam---SOLD

Auburn X Tide---SOLD

Rosey X Sam---SOLD


Covey X Timber----SOLD

Dixie II X Timber---SOLD



Lady & Luke---SOLD

Breeze- Started Dog SOLD


Kelly X Champ-- SOLD

Reno X Timber-SOLD

Morgan X Sam-SOLD

Sally X Champ-SOLD

Kate X Bracken -Sold

Penny X Sam- SOLD

Ginger X Sam -SOLD


Auburn X Tide-SOLD

Desi X Sam- SOLD

Champ X Abbey-Sold

Brook X Sam--Sold

Regal X Champ -- Sold

Belle-Started Dog-SOLD

Char X Bracken--Sold

Dixie X Sam--SOLD

Megan X Luke--SOLD

Kelly X Bracken Sold

Honey X Sam--SOLD

Darcy X Sam--SOLD

Bullet- Started dog--Sold

Kate X Bracken --SOLD

Maggie X Sam--SOLD

Lady X Bracken--SOLD

Penny X Sam--SOLD

Honey X Sam---SOLD

Morgan X Sam--SOLD

Ginger X Sam SOLD

Henri X Sam--SOLD

Cooper- 'Started Dog'---SOLD

Darcy X Sam--SOLD

Sequo X Sam--SOLD

Brook X Sam--SOLD

Kate X Bracken--SOLD

Kelly and Bracken--SOLD

Regal X Tide--SOLD

Reno X Luke--SOLD

Char X Bracken--SOLD

Auburn X Tide--SOLD


Honey X Tide--SOLD

Lady X Bracken--SOLD


Keegan X Sam--SOLD

Henri X Tide---SOLD

Luke X Brook---SOLD

Char X Bracken--SOLD

Maggie X Sam--SOLD

Ginger X Sam--SOLD

Sequo X Champ--SOLD

Morgan X Sam--SOLD

Lady X Bracken--SOLD

Kelly X Bracken--SOLD

Kate II X Sam--SOLD

Keegan X Champ--SOLD


Kate X Bracken--SOLD



Regal X Tide--SOLD

Char X Champ--SOLD

Maggie X Sam--SOLD

Lady X Champ--SOLD

Henri X Champ--SOLD




Regal/Champ --SOLD

Henri X Champ (from 2006 breeding)-SOLD

Sequo X Champ--SOLD

Char X Champ (pictures from 2006 breeding)SOLD

Sam X Kate ( pictures from 2006 breeding)-SOLD

Star X Luke (pictures from 2006 breeding)-SOLD

Sam X Lady (pictures from 2006 breeding)-SOLD

Bracken X Katie(pictures from 2006 breeding)-SOLD

Luke X Honey (pictures from 2006 breeding)-SOLD

Sam X Maggie(pictures from 2006 breeding)SOLD

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