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Huntfield puppies are available on a set litter schedule. We have litters planned for this upcoming year.

Your deposit will ensure your litter pick - which is done according to the order in which we receive deposits. You can contact us at the following info.

Huntfield Kennels
Mark & Melody Lowe
 & Mitzi Reeves
1122 Weston Road
Union Church,Ms. 39668
Phone# 1-601-407-1171
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Our upcoming litter schedules

Generally our puppies are placed in their new homes at 6 weeks of age . We normally do not place them into the new homes prior to this, as puppies require a certain period of time with their litter mates, learning essential dog behaviors. Ask about our HUNTFIELD 2yr. GUARANTEE: regarding : "HIPS", "EYES", "HEALTH" & "TEMPERAMENT". 

We at Huntfield take extra pride in the total care of our mothers and our puppies.

Two weeks before delivery, mothers are transitioned into the climate-controlled nursery with their own private maternity ward including a new birthing box and clean sanitized bedding. When labor begins, we are there for the entire duration to ensure the best possible post natal health for mother and her pups. After delivery, the birthing box is replaced and fresh bedding is changed out daily to optimize the cleanest environment possible. Mothers are fed a special formula to maximize mother/pup nutrition. Huntfield adult dogs are housebroken which helps keep kennels/nursery clean at all times. Puppies are wormed at 2,4 and 6 weeks of age and given their first shot at 6 weeks of age. At 4 weeks of age,dividers are placed in the nursery to allow the mother to begin the weaning process. Pups are started on Purina Pro Plan Puppy Chow at this point twice daily. Pups do not touch the ground until they have had their first set of shots. At Huntfield ,we believe  that "A Healthy,Clean Environment Produces Healthy Clean Pups" 

Huntfield pups come with "FULL REGISTRATION". 

You can reach Melody on her Office phone: 1-601-407-1171




Upcoming Litters

Light Blonde Male (bl) x "Caesar" (bl)
2 year old male- FOR SALE- out of "SHADE' and "TIMBER"- very laid back temperament and intelligent- would make a great Companion/Family member- (SEE PHOTOS PAGE)
Birthdate: March 20th,2013
Ready too go to a new home

Prissy (fr) x Sam (fr)
Prissy has 7 pups; 3 males; 1 red,1 dark blonde and 1 black. 4 females; 2 black, 1 red and 1 dark blonde. PUPS AVAILABLE!
Birthdate: June 10th, 2015
(6 weeks old 7-22-15)

Auburn (fr) x Tide (fr)
6 pups were born; 3 females and 3 males. All are fox red. PUPS AVAILABLE!
Birthdate: June 4th,2015
( 6 weeks old 7-16-15)

Blue (y) x Timber (y)
Blue has 8 pups ranging from light blonde to dark blonde/light fox red in color. 5 females and 3 males. PUPS AVAILABLE!
Birthdate: June 10th,2015
(6 weeks old 7-22-15)

Glory (fr) x Sam (fr)
Glory has 9 pups; 5 females and 4 males. All are fox red. PUPS AVAILABLE!
Birthdate: June 18th,2015
( 6 weeks old 7-30-2015 )

Terra (bk) x Max (bk)
6 pups were born; 1 black male, 1 red male, 3 red females and 1 black female. PUPS AVAILABLE!
Birthdate: May 16th,2015
( 6 weeks old 6-27-15)est

Mia (fr) x Sam (fr)
Mia has 9 pups, 6 females and 3 males. All are fox red. PUPS AVAILABLE!
Birthdate: June 21st,2015
( 6 weeks old 8-2-2015 )

Bonnie (fr) x Sam (fr)
Pups will be fox red.
Birthdate: July 14th,2015
( 6 weeks old 8-25-15 est

Hollie (fr) x Sam (fr)
Pups will be blonde to fox red in coloration.
Birthdate: Fall 2015

Sherry (fr) x Tide (fr)
Pups will be Fox Red
Birthdate: Fall 2015

Georgia (fr) x Sam (fr)
Pups will be Fox Red.
Birthdate: Fall 2015

Buffy (fr) x Tide (fr)
Pups will be fox red.
Birthdate: Fall 2015

Shade (bl) x Timber (bl)
Pups will be light to dark blonde or black
Birthdate: July 21st 2015
( 6 weeks old 9-1-15) est

Lark (y) x Bear (ch)
Pups will be blonde,fox red, and chocolate.
Birthdate: August 10th,2015
( 6 weeks old 9-28-2015)est.

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